Suggested Packing List

We know, we know… what to pack for a Lifestyle weekend at a nudist resort seems like an oxymoron; it is the jumbo shrimp of the LS world!  We felt silly writing this as we are sure there will be enough sex toys and condoms to go around, but we also needed to give some basic suggestions and reminders. We want everyone to be comfortable.  

Just a reminder, due to Board of Health regulations it is required that everyone wear at least a little something like a coverup to the dinners and Saturday brunch. You can come to the bonfire naked, but we suggest you guard your bits and pieces; fire can be dangerous, and burning the parts could make play difficult.  

Below are some suggestions of items you will probably want to bring for a comfortable and successful weekend: 

  • BYO: B, C, R, T. & S.
    • BYO Beverages; any alcohol and mixers you may want
    • BYO Condoms
    • BYO Robe (or a wrap or swim suit) in case it’s chilly when you get out of the water. Or stay naked or in body bling; no one will mind if your are nipply.
    • BYO Towels for the pool and hot tub (and extra for play, if you need them)
    • BYO Snacks for breakfast/brunch/lunch. Or, you can head into town for a mid-day meal. SCT is providing dinner each night and a mimosa brunch on Saturday.
  • Slippers and/or flipflops
  • Casual clothing for the dinners and brunch
  • Outfits for the theme parties:
    • St. Patrick’s Day
    • Someone Borrowed, Something Blue
    • When I Grow Up
  • Other “day” clothes, if you prefer to have some options.
  • “I over did it” morning-after supplies like aspirin and gatorade. You know, for your BFF!